Amazon’s Map Tracking package locator now offered to all US shoppers

Nous avons tous vécu le plaisir de “tracker” le Uber que nous avions commandé sur l’appli de notre mobile. Amazon propose aux US, désormais, la possibilité de “tracker” la livraison de votre commande en suivant le livreur sur une carte … Après les tests de livraison chez vous quand vous n’êtes pas là, dans votre voiture “fermée”, AMAZON enfonce le clou avec toujours le même objectif, la maximisation de l’expérience client … Réveillons nous #frenchretail ! #AmazonIsComing !

You can now very closely monitor your Amazon packages.

The feature, which debuted in November and shares a package’s exact location, is now available for all Amazon deliveries stateside.

Pinning down the location of your Amazon package should become a whole lot easier with the US rollout of Amazon Map Tracking.

The feature, which launched late last year to some, is now available for all packages delivered by Amazon in the US, the company confirmed Wednesday after Android Police wrote about it. Map Tracking provides an estimate on when the package will arrive, how many stops away the driver is and a map showing the delivery truck’s proximity to your home.

« The Amazon Map Tracking feature is another delivery innovation we are working on to improve convenience for our customers and provide them greater visibility into their deliveries, » said Amazon spokeswoman Alana Broadbent.


Many people on social media are praising the convenience of the feature, while some are also a little freaked out by it.

The e-commerce giant has introduced tools in the past that are designed to improve the delivery process, including the ability to unlock and deliver packages to people’s cars and homes. It has also been expanding a program asking carriers to take pictures of packages after delivering them to help customers pin down where and when packages are dropped off.  

Source : Cnet